True Love

I want to talk to you about love. Surprise, surprise, it IS Valentine’s Day after all.

Last year, on Valentine’s Day, I met my baby boy for the first time. I fell head over heels for that kid and I’m still an obnoxious adoring mom, soaking up his kisses and tugs on my legs.


I love that kid. And I’ve seen how our family’s love for him has transformed him. And I’ve seen how the love of families has transformed the lives of so many once-orphans.

Love can do incredible things.


“Мама любит Андрюша.” “да!” I say this to him often. “Mama loves Andrusha!” “Yes!,” he happily exclaims.

Love can be material. Roses that will die. Chocolates that will add to your waist line. Lingerie that will end up in the dust under your bed.

Or, love can be more. The love a mother has for her son. The love a God has for his children.

Along with my friend Jill, I’m committing to spend this lent season praying for the orphans who do not know love. That families might find them, and barriers will be shattered, political, financial, all kinds. That they will someday be LOVED.



(And disclaimer: I know I blog about Gus way more than Reed and Lena! I need to do some posts on them soon, but I had to use Gus an example since today is our Metcha-versary.)

4 thoughts on “True Love”

  1. Thank you. Thank you for making my day. Gus is really a lucky boy, and this dad right here got all teared up from watching that video of the other lucky ones. What a fantastic feeling it must be, to know that you made a difference for that little kid.
    I have actually had the same thought for a while. Adopting a baby boy/girl from a place in the world where the chances of having a good future is low.
    I am most definately going to follow your blog 🙂 )

    Bless you!

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