Celebrating Spiderman!

Reed turned 6 today!



One of our gifts to him, a soccer goal and ball.


He clapped when he opened up his present from his grandparents! He then played with it for 2 hours, until we had to pull him away for dinner.


He had a great birthday. He loved each of his gifts and took time to play with them. He was incredibly sweet about everything. After he was done with his cake, unprompted, he told me “Thank you for making me a Spiderman birthday cake.”

Reed at on his 4th and 5th birthdays:

Reed, it was so much fun to celebrate with you today. You have grown up and changed a ton in the past year. You became a big brother again, you started school and you lost your first tooth. You are speeding through life, but you are never one to  slow down! I love your energy and determination, even if it sometimes is a challenge for me to keep up with you. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for you. Happy 6th birthday, Reed! Love, Mama

One thought on “Celebrating Spiderman!”

  1. Wow…seems like you brought him home yesterday. He is so handsome and and has a special sparkle in his eyes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY REED!

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