My Pair of Fives

Today begins the 29 days when I have 2 5 year olds! It’s Lena’s 5th birthday!
If you know them in real life, you know how true this picture is!


We went to get our Christmas tree. We went to a park that allows you to cut down a red cedar, an invasive species here. It was pretty fun– wandering around in cedars with the kids asking “What about this one?”

But, lest you think it was too fun…

Someone was mad that his daddy was busy with the tree and couldn’t carry him. He had to settle for me instead, which was NOT okay.

Lena went out on a little date with her papa this afternoon, while Reed and I got her present ready.  I decided that he had to help me set it up and wrap it after he found out what she was getting and nearly spoiled the surprise for her. I think it may be a new tradition to have the kids help out with their siblings’ presents, because it was a lot of fun and helped him feel more involved in her birthday.
2012-12-08 16.07.42


It was fun to watch her unwrap a present bigger than she is. And to see all of her delight over it!


When I first asked her what kind of cake she wanted, she told me “a Lena cake!” Later, she told me, a chocolate cake. So, I decided on a chocolate Lena cake.

We had some friends over for dinner and cake. It had been awhile since we had seen them and we had a great time.


After our company left, and Gus was in bed, Lena asked me “can I play for just a few more minutes, please? …two minutes, please?” It was already past her bedtime, but she was so sweet and so happy, so she got a timer for 15 more minutes. They got an extra bedtime story too… we just had to read her 2 new books. “Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?” and “Llama Llama Holiday Drama.”


Happy birthday, sweet Lena! We love you and we are so happy to be your parents. We had a great time celebrating you today!

ETA: Sorry about the photos not working earlier– they should be now. They always show up fine for me, so I never know until someone comments to tell me.

3 thoughts on “My Pair of Fives”

  1. Wow! what an awesome birthday! The dollhouse was a perfect idea. What in the world are you going to do for Reed?

  2. yay, happy birthday lena! some of the pictures don’t work; not sure if it’s my end or no, but I’m sure she was so delighted!

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