30 Days of Thankful: Day 13

Today, I’m thankful for Lena. Lena is remarkably sweet. I rarely see her get mad at someone for longer than the pain they inflicted. Gus pulls her hair, and she gets upset just until I unclench his fist, and she moves on. Reed calls her a name, and she shrugs it off like nothing. When I compliment her, she always says “yes.” “You are pretty.” “Yes.” “You are a good big sister.” “Yes.” I occasionally remind her that “thank you” is the polite thing to answer, but truthfully, I think we should all take compliments a bit more like Lena, “yes.”

She has handled being the middle sister so well. She plays with Gus very well and is always patient with him. She and Reed are great friends, too.


I love this sweet girl.

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