30 Days of Thankful: Day 12

Today, I’m thankful for our walks. I love going for these walks– with the kids or without them. It is always a good time to play with them and for all of us to burn off some energy. If I’m alone, it’s a great way to clear my head.


Today, we played Superheroes and villans. Reed was Super Batman– since he was deciding who everyone was, he kept changing what he was to be the best superhero. Lena was rain girl, she could rain on us. Gus was Cry man– he could fly wherever he wants, get lost and then cry and cry and cry. First, I was fast girl, I was faster than any other women– ha! Then, I was goo girl– I could throw goo on all the other women. I told Reed I wanted to be nice, and could I please be cookie girl? I’d throw cookies at all the other people. But in a nice, loving way, not to hurt them.

A deer ran out about 25 feet in front of us– we’ve seen a lot of deer this fall. I think this is the 9th time I’ve seen them.

At the end of our walk, Gus was in the baby carrier on my back. Reed had his arm wrapped around my leg, leaning up against my side (yes, it is hard to walk like that!) and I had my arm around Reed, Lena was leaning into Reed and we were holding hands. Just cuddling and walking.

A year ago, we had no idea Gus would be a part of our family. Actually, we hadn’t even met Alyona yet. Here is a photo taken on November 18, 2011. Right before we went to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving, and then from there, we went to Russia for the first time.


Shortly after Gus came home, July 2012.

I love all these memories and I’m thankful we have the opportunity– the health, the open space, the time, to go for these walks.

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