18 months and Toothy Milestones

My day began at 12:30. Gus woke up. VERY unhappy. Even after I calmed him down, he was not going back to sleep, so I brought him into bed with me. Poor kid is teething. One of his canines is just poking out, and apparently canines are the worst. He cuddled up with me and we tossed and turned for about 2 more hours before we finally fell asleep.

Babies need mamas. Gus has his own very sad, post-institutionalized way of self-soothing, but when I scoop him up and cuddle with him, that’s enough. Then he’s just my baby, content to put his head on my chest and play with my fingers or let me tickle his feet.

The excitement of our morning did not end there. Reed and Lena let us sleep in a bit, but when we got up, the first thing Reed said to me was…

“Look, mama! I lost my tooth!”

He was SO excited. And I was so excited for him. He is so cute without it, and it feels like crossing the line from preschooler to big kid.

Even though we don’t pretend that the tooth fairy is real, we still play out the tradition. Reed is pretty sure that I cannot be the tooth fairy. Here is the letter that he wrote to her:

“Dear Tooth Fairy,

We have a baby brother named Baby Gus. We love you, Tooth Fairy. I lost my missing tooth. It was pretty funny and it goes straight and I tried to get it back to normal, like teeth are supposed to get back. I can’t find things small because there is a lot of white. How do you fly inside my teeth? Are you little or not? Is your magic wand at the top a star or a heart? Sorry for telling you you don’t know how to snap.

Thank you and love,


Gus turned 18 months old today. Since we didn’t get to celebrate his 1st birthday with him, I wanted to celebrate this. Nothing fancy, just the Oreo cupcakes.

Gus had his first cake moment. I imagine that this is his first time ever eating cake, and you can see how he just throws it until I put some icing in his mouth. It was too cute.

PICT0007 - Version 2
Happy 1/2 Birthday, Gus!

5 thoughts on “18 months and Toothy Milestones”

  1. I’m not sure a woman would ever get tired of hearing this…BUT YOUR KIDS ARE TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!! I just love how they are full of giggles watching little Gus.
    I want you to know, that I frequently use your blog for my master plan of brainwashing my fiance into adoption. šŸ™‚ He loves Jesus, he loves kids…he just isn’t sure about living up to fatherhood. When he sees your little ones, and hears the cute things Reed says…his heart softens. I’m sure of this! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Missing teeth already?! From what I hear, we just can’t take enough pictures while the baby teeth are still in, because they just look so much older with their new teeth.

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