Favorite “Stuff” from Flying with Gus

I did some research before flying with Gus and discovered some cool gadgets that make flying easier. Easier might not be the word for it. Possible? Especially since we flew halfway across the country, just me and a new-to-me toddler. Hopefully this will be helpful to others.

Boon spoon: This was so handy for feeding Gus his baby food. I also used it in our apartment and now at home, too, because it is just so convenient. Way less messy than a regular spoon. There were times when I wish I had 2, since Gus could easily eat everything in 1 and it was way too hard to refill it with him on my lap.

Snack Trap cups: Brilliant. They do not completely prevent the mess, especially if you are letting your little one feed himself. I did let him feed himself out of the Snack Trap cup, because then his hands and mouth were both occupied. Messy, but he was quiet.

Sit N Stroll: This worked alright to use as a stroller while we were in Moscow. Gus was very comfortable in it. The only issue were bumpy sidewalks and big curbs. And stairs, but you’d have that problem with any stroller. If I was without a second adult in Moscow, I think I would have preferred a light umbrella stroller, or had to go with a carrier instead. But, this stroller was VERY nice in the airport. If I had bought him an airplane seat, I could have used it for that, too. We also used it as a car seat. It was nice to have an all-in-one! It is sitting in our living room right now, waiting for my friend to borrow it for her trip. Gus goes over and sits in it occasionally.

Small Wetbag: I got this for diapers, but I ended up storing baby food in it. It is not a must, but it is much more durable than a ziploc bag.

Tiny Diner: genius. Of course, baby eats food off the floor, so is it that important?

For snacks, I went to Target and bought a bunch of yogurt drops and baby fruit snacks. These were new to him and he loved everything that he tried. The fruit snacks are probably one of the least messy things I’ve found. Yogurt drops can be a bit messy and chalk, and most snacks leave crumbs behind.

Other stuff:

-full package of wipes

-toys (We mostly used some touch/feel flash cards and a homemade quiet book)

-2 full sippy cups. We definitely needed 2.

-hand sanitizer

-a changing pad (for public bathrooms– yuck!)

I packed a carrier, and I just didn’t use it, as much as I love it. Gus isn’t nuts about it and he loves the stroller. Plus, I needed the stroller more for moments when I need to go to the bathroom (when we were flying just the 2 of us) or when I needed to eat. The stroller was much handier to have to be able to put him down.


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