Your Big Brother

Dear Gus,

We talked about you a lot today. Your big brother is so excited! Actually, we all are, but he talks about you all the time. Pretty much all he talks about is food, Dora, Diego and YOU.

Today, he asked me for the countdown and when we’d get to pick you up. I explained the plans to him, and we counted down on the calendar. I pick you up in 15 days! You get to come HOME in 21 days.

Later in the day, after meeting Adrian at the airport, we were playing the “Gotcha” game in the car. This is Reed’s new game, where he says something like “a cow in the middle of the road! …GOTCHA!” We were all being loud and goofy. You’ll see how loud and silly your brother is, soon! Anyways, I said “Oh, look, Baby Gus is in the backseat! …Gotcha!”

Reed quieted down and got serious, which is pretty rare for him. And he said, “I am so happy that we’re going to have our new baby soon.”

I think you are already one of his peoples.

Gus, you are so loved.


your mama

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