Our Family Circus

We had a pretty funny night tonight.

I was downstairs cooking dinner. I went to light the (gas) stove and didn’t notice that there was a paper towel on stove… right next to the burner I was lighting. So that instantly went up in flames.

Then, just a few minutes later (like burgers still on the stove), Aaron comes running in, “Reed locked Lena in your [craft] room!” as he starts to dig through our tool drawer. Ummm, what? I guess they went to put the dogs in their crates and Reed locked her in there! So, as Aaron was digging through the drawer for tools to remove the door knob, I told him to let me try something first, and ran upstairs. [While I told him to take care of the burgers– I didn’t burn the house down in the process.] When I got up there, I said “Lena?” “Yeah, Mama? (sounding totally calm)” “Do you see the door knob?” (I wiggle it) “Can you turn the little button on it?” “Okay!” And voila, she unlocked it! So, we went downstairs to finish getting dinner ready and laugh at Aaron for being so quick to get out the tools. While she listened carefully to my instructions, she must have been VERY nervous. When she came down, she told Aaron about 15 times, “Papa, Mama talk to me and tell me what to do… and I did it myself! All by myself! I did it myself!”

So, Reed’s “punishment” was that he would have to be Lena’s special helper for the rest of the day. He was getting her place ready for dinner and Lena asked Aaron what she should do. Aaron told her that she could go sit down in her seat. He looked over a minute later and she wasn’t there. He went to go find her and he found her up in her room taking the sheets off of her bed! She had already gotten 3 corners of the fitted sheet off! Apparently, she heard “go get your sheets” instead of “get in your seat”. While she is told multiple times a day to go get in her seat, I’m not sure we’ve ever asked her to get her sheets!

Oh, and my kids were cracking me up this morning too. We walked in the house from L’s speech therapy and Reed asked if he could watch a movie. I said “yes… oh, wait, we need to brush your teeth first.” “Okay… you forgot to brush out teeth last night. ” “No, I didn’t. We brushed your teeth last night.” The thing is, I knew what he meant. He says “last night” for any previous time, but I was trying to deny my guilt. So then he said, “hold on, I’ll show you when I’m done.” So, the second he was done, he marched over to the calendar, pointed to yesterday’s date and said, “THIS is the day you forgot to brush our teeth.” And I said, “yes, I did forget.” And then Lena said, in a sassy voice, “Uh-ooooooh, you forgot to brush our teeeeeeeth.”

6 thoughts on “Our Family Circus”

  1. LOL! Good thing men have women to remain calm and solve the problems:) Funny post this morning. I’m always happy to know my house isn’t the only crazy one!

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