Thank you for praying for our friends yesterday. They passed court! We are praying that everything will go smoothly for them to bring her home in just over a month.

On the other side of that news, our adoption will not be proceeding as planned. A’s country has been discussing a moratorium on adoption. His region has put a moratorium into place, starting immediately. They will not be “grandfathering” cases like ours, like we had been previously told.

We don’t know when we may get a court date. Our agency threw the month May out there, but that sounds very arbitrary.

So, we will practice patience and pray that the moratorium will end soon.

8 thoughts on “Bittersweet”

  1. Ugggh! Molly! This is truly a test of patience and faith. Praying for you guys and for A that you can all be a family soon.

  2. My goodness, patience is so difficult when you want something so badly. My heart goes out to you. We will pray that you can stay positive about the timeline, and that the time passes quickly so you can be a family together.

  3. Hi Molly,
    Found your blog through Kelly. Praying for you guys. Know that God’s timing is perfect and as difficult as this is He is right there with you.


  4. We had a 4 month ‘delay’ of sorts to bring Zen home. We fully expected her to be coming home in July at the same time as Ali, but we couldn’t bring her home until November. I know how you are feeling! It is just so hard to imagine your baby staying in that place for even ONE day longer than they absolutely need to 😦

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