From *** with Love (Day 45)

Aaron suggested I title today’s post “From Russia with Love”, but I can’t really put that, since that gives away the country we’re adopting from. But, it seems like an appropriate title, since today is Valentine’s Day, and we have someone lovely to share with you.

Where to begin? We spent a lot of the morning waiting, and driving in the car. We had our visit to the DOE, we waited for quite a long time, pretty much so that they’d give us the paper to go meet A. But, that was okay, since it was worth it! And we found out his birthday, February 1.

Then, we went to the baby house and got all kinds of info on him. His birth weight and length, even saw a photo of birth mom, got all kinds of info, it was great. I feel like we know a lot of details, which is so meaningful in adoption.

He was eating lunch, so we waited, and waited. We found out that he just had the chicken pox, so he still had some scabs. ย Then he WALKED in.

So, meet Anderson…

(The green stuff is what they put on cuts, so he has it on his chicken pox spots). This is the expression he had on his face for most of our visit.

He was so… calm. He crawled around a bit, but mostly, he didn’t mind just sitting there, watching everything about him, looking around the room. He seems to be very observant. There was a tiny little thread on the floor and he dug his nails into the carpet to pull it over to him.

I almost made him laugh with this, putting it on my own head.

But, Aaron got the first laugh.

These blocks have little holes in them and Aaron squeezed it, so there was a little gust of air.

Crawling around.

Someone is probably going to be mad if I don’t share photos of myself with him, so here you go…

Standing, barely supported by me.

And one last photo!

He seemed a little bit shy today, but I am excited to see his personality come out as we get to know him better.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

21 thoughts on “From *** with Love (Day 45)”

  1. What a special Valentine’s Day. That is just too cool. He is a very cute boy. By the way, I don’t see the pictures of you and Anderson, they are not there as I view this morning.

    Sweet blessings. Kelly

  2. Hi Kelly! Click on the spot where the picture should be and it will show up. M and A – he’s adorable! the perfect Valentine! Can’t wait to hear more. Lots of love to the three of you!

  3. My heart is BURSTING!!!! I am just so, so happy for you guys!!! Such sweet photos on Valentines day! And I LOVE, LOVE that you got more info on him. You guys need to have a belated birthday celebration while you are over there! ๐Ÿ™‚ LOVE IT!

  4. I’m just catching up on the last several posts and let me tell you, it’s been some fun reading! Anderson is adorable, and I’m thrilled to hear he’s a February baby:) Enjoy your time there and I look forward to seeing the pictures over the next several days!

  5. We are thrilled! We think he looks like Aaron! We are so thankful you found your son. God Bless ๐Ÿ™‚ We are anxious to hear the kids reactions when they see the pictures of him. Keep sharing pictures. You are all in our prayers. The Tarkovich’s

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