The Most Boring Day (Day 44)

We didn’t do much today. The temperatures here were in the negative (in Fahrenheit) all day.

We did venture out for some lunch and to explore.

I thought Aaron’s lunch was kind of funny. I love how the sausages are like little claws.
Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 7.13.39 PM

We Skyped with the kids for a little bit today. This scary blur is Reed. He was a bit too busy bouncing around to Skype with us. Lena seemed like she’s a bit mad at us, but that’s not surprising.

This is the view outside of our apartment window. Exciting, huh? It snowed steadily all day today, but it was very light.

But tomorrow we meet Baby A!!!!!! AHHHHHHH! Our facilitator is picking us up in 8 hours, so I need to get to sleep. Goodnight!

4 thoughts on “The Most Boring Day (Day 44)”

  1. Have a great day tomorrow Team Parker! We love you guys. I am sure God will move ahead of you and pave the way. That little lad is meant to be in your home. Sweet dreams and blessings. Kelly

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