Dot and Roscoe (Days 38 and 40)

I needed some time on Tuesday to get some things done without the kids needing anything. So, I built them a fort in their room. It wasn’t super exciting or elaborate, but it was a different little space where they could crawl around.

I may have told them that forts are a special place where only kids can go. No grown-ups allowed.

Err, so I may have not taken a single photo yesterday. Oops! No day 39.

But, I took a bunch of photos today…

2012-02-09 14.46.23
We had to take one of our dogs to the vet. She was sick last night and I was afraid that there was something seriously wrong with her and I wanted to get it addressed before we left. So, we all went off to the vet and the vet diagnosed her with… an upset stomach. Oh well, I am relieved to know it’s nothing serious.

Lena had a rough day. She gets that we will be leaving soon and she is not happy about it at all. 😦 The main thing she wants to do is cuddle. She smiled through her tears.

Danae brought us pizza. That girl is awesome. She knew I was super stressed, so she told me that she’d take care of dinner!

My sister sent a package today for Anderson, including this monkey that she made.

We’re going WHERE?!?

Reed and Lena really got a kick out of the monkey tonight. I explained to them that it was for their little brother, but they could play with him gently. They wanted the monkey to help them get ready for bed and tuck them in. It was pretty cute!

ETA: I forgot to tell you why I named the post this. Reed has started calling Lena “Roscoe” and she’s started calling him “Dot”. I am not sure why!

One of the funniest moments of our night was when I was tickling Lena and she said “Stop… I’ll poop!”

2 thoughts on “Dot and Roscoe (Days 38 and 40)”

  1. I’m thankful these precious little ones ended up with such wonderful, loving, and FUN parents. God Bless you on your trip to Anderson.

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