Getting Ready (Day 37)

Obviously, this week is a lot of preparation for us.

Reed knows that our trip means he gets to spend time on the farm… with tractors! I was so impressed that he drew this!

2012-02-06 22.22.25

This was one of my many projects for the day, finishing Anderson’s baby book. I didn’t sew the top, but I used a little piece of embroidery floss to knot through the plastic and the fabric so the pictures can’t be pulled out. You can’t even see it here, but it’s right in that blue thing above R’s head. I love this baby book. Thank you again, Danae!

3 thoughts on “Getting Ready (Day 37)”

  1. This week is probably like finals week. Do you remember those? So much to do that you wish you had a couple more days. And yet you are so excited for what comes next that the week can seem so very long. : ) We are looking forward to your next week with you.

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