Cast Away!

I can’t wait to tell you more about our adoption story, but life is continuing as usual here and some of it is worth sharing too!

2011-10-10 12.31.45
Did you know that Reed hurt his other leg too? But, I figured we’re pros at it by now and I let him wrap his own leg.

2011-10-10 12.31.30
Doctors always wear hard hats, right?

Reed adapted really well to having a cast on. My mom was here last week and she kept telling me that  we needed to take a video of him walking with it on. Well, I procrastinated until saved it for the last half hour before he got it off.

Here he is running around with the cast on, cast shoe ready to fall off.

Walking out to the car for his doctor’s appointment! Acting a bit less crazy, so you can see his normal walking on the cast.

2011-10-10 13.09.43
Getting ready to get the cast off and making a fashion statement.

2011-10-10 13.10.32

2011-10-10 13.15.54

He is struggling now that it is off. He is limping very badly and walking slowly. The difference in his leg muscles is incredible! He is only supposed to walk for the next week and then back to normal running, jumping, etc. next week if he is up for it.

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