We are Helen’s family!

Helen is 3 years old, just two months younger than Lena. She has Short Bowel Syndrome, which can be a pretty complicated condition, but from most recent update we have gotten on her, it sounds like she is doing really well.

It is a very cool story of how we came to be Helen’s family. I can’t wait to share it with you, but it is going to take a couple different blog posts.

We are so excited to be Helen’s family!

19 thoughts on “Introducing…”

  1. Delurking to congratulate you and your family! She looks adorable, what a lovely new addition to your family.Absolute best wishes, so excited to see your beautiful family grow, I bet Reed and Lena will be an amazing big brother and sister!

  2. So great to see her picture on the "new commitments" page. She is darling just like the rest of your crew. I'm sure she will be a perfect addition. We're on our first adoption now and I appreciate how real and informative your blog is. What a find! Best of luck on making the process and smooth and easy as possible.

  3. Aaron and Molly,I would like to introduce myself to the two of you. My name is Andy Jablonski and I am the Founder, and CEO of the Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation. I myself have lived with only 10.2cm (4inches) of small bowel for the last 25 years of my life. Today I run the non-profit foundation for Short Bowel Syndrome.Part of our mission is to educate and support, and when I received an email from Reeces Rainbow back in August about Helen, I knew I had to make it my mission to find this girl a home somehow. I gathered more info, made some calls, and the final one was to a social worker in Overland Park, Kansas City. I explained Helen's case to them and now she has a new home in Lawrence. This is great news for the Short Bowel Community, many people have been following her story and progress as new news comes in.I hope one day I can meet this little angel that has come to you. She is so adorable and I wish you the best! If you ever have any questions, please call or email me anytime. Please check out the Foundation on the web and on Facebook too for more information. I have a great support group with a great group of people in it to help you with ANY questions you might have!Congratulations Again!Andrew

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