Sweet Lena

Lena had a really good day today. I heard her ask at least twice, “I need to potty please.” Normally, she just waits until we ask her, just says “potty” or cries and screams. We were very proud of her. She also seems to want less help in the bathroom, which is totally fine with us. I didn’t think she was ready to be independent, but I am happy to follow her lead and let her do as much for herself as she wants.

I went out for a bit and when I left, she smiled and told me goodbye. When I got back, she ran up to me and gave me a hug. I scooped her up and she gave me a big hug and some kisses. I asked if I could put her down so I could put the groceries away and she told me “nopes.” She was okay with being passed back and forth between Aaron and me. Eventually, after maybe 5 minutes of this, she was ready to go play. All of those interactions seem very healthy to me. Letting me go happily, but being very happy to see me and wanting my attention when I got home, that seem very healthy to me.

When I got up from dinner to get her some more food, she asked me for a hug. I gave her a hug and she didn’t want to let me go. I reminded her that I needed to go eat and she told me that this was okay, if I’d give her a kiss.

I am not sure what got into her today, but we sure enjoyed it! She did get some extra one-on-one time with us today. Reed was NOT having a good day and took a nap, while Lena got some time on her tricycle and got to go to the playground with Papa.

2011-09-25 14.53.25

I don’t expect tomorrow to go as well. These next couple of weeks are going to be rather busy with things going on and guests, but hopefully she will keep feeling secure and keep up good behavior.

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