This is one of the games I play with both kids when they are grumpy. It looks like it worked really well, right? Well, as soon as I shut the camera off, she started crying again.

This is where we were going… to take the dogs for a walk on the levee. One of the few easy outings we can do right now.

Superboy! He calls this his “Incredibles” shirt. He loves the Incredibles, but has no idea who Superman is.

I really wanted to draw on his cast… with one thing in mind!

Reed shows you what else I drew and tells you about having a cast on his leg.

Someone else wanted me to draw on her. How could I resist? Doesn’t she make a cute little tattooed girl?

Lena and I love to share kisses. Sometimes, I throw in a raspberry. Well, I was putting her in bed, giving her lots of goodnight kisses and she was returning them and then surprise… a raspberry on my cheek! She figured out how to give raspberries and it is too cute.She is just too stinkin’ cute when she wants to be.

6 thoughts on “Cute”

  1. Molly, they are adorable as ever!!They are growing so fast. Every photo and video, I can feel the immense love in your home and hearts…Speedy healing to Reed!

  2. I'm inspired! They really have come so far in such a short time. I've really been worried about the language barrier for the twins but your little ones are doing great!! Kudos to both you and the children!Cynthia

  3. Have you read Parenting The Hurt Child? It's mostly about behavior issues but I wonder if they have any tips about Lena and the crying… I have a copy if you want to borrow it!

  4. Your Scarlett (I know you call her Lena) is so so so cute! Glad to know there is another beauty out there with the same name and features. Yah for Scarletts!!

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