Cooking- 4 year old style

Aaron was going to take the kids out to the park tonight, but Ilya and I needed to review some things. Ilya is very smart and capable of answering questions. But he doesn’t always take the time to bother giving you the right answer and he doesn’t always take the time to do things that he knows how to do correctly. Like washing his hands. So, Aaron and Lena went to the park without Ilya and Ilya and I hung out.

He was not thrilled at first. Then I asked him if he wanted to make cookies. Um, YES! So, we mixed everything together. He held the spatula while I poured stuff in and the stand mixer turned. Then, I realized my ice cream scoop, which I usually use for cookies, was dirty from making meatballs earlier. Oh well, I thought it would be perfect. We could make them into balls with our hands. How hard can this be for him? He plays with play dough daily…

At first, he looked pretty excited. Yes, we put our hands in that (don’t worry, this was after I showed him how to wash his hands!). No, it’s not hot. DIG IN!

Dig in? How about I pull these out first?

This is fun! I’ll just keep mixing it.

Then, he dug in, to turn them into balls. And he quickly turned to me and said “Wash cands?”

And I told him, “if we wash our hands, there will be no cookies.

He thought about it…

And he came dug in again… DETERMINED.

So, since he gave it a try, I told him to go wash his hands and I’d make the dough into balls.

And he watched them bake…

And we made dinner while they cooled off.

I think he enjoyed making cookies!

This was a good experience for both of us. I love baking and he loves “helping”. It is incredibly rare that Ilya and mama time. And now I am reading up on Sensory Processing Disorder…

6 thoughts on “Cooking- 4 year old style”

  1. Yay for Ilya & Mama time! I don't always have the patience to cook with my kids. But I do try to. Because it's a way for them to learn without actually sitting down and teaching them math for example. Like ok, we need 4 cups of flour. We put one in, how many more do we need? And so forth. And besides that, we all know that 4 year olds love to help. Especially when there's a reward like cookies afterward!

  2. Hmm, you think he has sensory issues? Read The Out Of Sync Child. I've worked with a tonnnnn of kids with SPD and we do sensory activites alll the time. If you want to email me with why you think he has sensory issues I'd totally love to help! I'm at nobabynoblog at gmail dot com. Does he dislike everything of that texture? How does he feel about playdough? Shaving cream?

  3. Isabel doesn't like to have her hands dirty either, but she loves playdough, shaving cream, etc. May not indicate an actual sensory disorder, but probably worth checking if you're concerned.I also love baking, and Isabel also loves helping!

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