For Lisa and Emily

I was not planning on updating today, but I heard my sister and her friend Emily like my blog enough to watch the Puppytown song on youtube. Then I felt bad for not updating, so I figured I’d share these videos…

Lena really likes to dance. She is also well aware of what kinds of songs are good for dancing and what songs aren’t. Put on some country music and she doesn’t react, but put on some Black Eyed Peas…

Ilya calls the color red “rabbit”. We don’t know why. I am going to take him to the Red Rabbit this summer and then he’ll be really confused.  (You might want to turn your sound down, being so close to the camera phone is LOUD.)

9 thoughts on “For Lisa and Emily”

  1. Thanks Molly! I know you are super busy being a mom, so I never expect an update, but that doesn't stop me from checking your blog several times a day! Cute kids and adorable dogs–how could I not?…Welcome, welcome to Puppy Town…:o)Emily

  2. Eli LOVES the Black Eyed Peas too! He went absolutely nuts during the Super Bowl halftime show. Come on, who doesn't love the Black Eyed Peas? And of course, as soon as he heard me playing the video, he came running over to see what was going on and was very please to see Lena dancing:)Then during Ilya's video, both of my boys were watching. At the end where you say, "It's red," both of my boys said, "No, it's rabbit!" Keep the videos coming. Obviously my whole family enjoys them!

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