James Again

I advocated for “Celia” a few months back and then I met her. At that point, she had a family coming, but I thought, “Wow, this girl is special. I hope this family coming for her is just as awesome.” And then I met the McCoys. Better than I imagined. Perfect for “Celia” or as she is now known Alina. Wonderful, loving parents and three big brothers to carry her around (literally).

I know that James has a perfect family out there too. A family planned by God. A family better than I can imagine. A family where he will be loved. WHERE IS HIS FAMILY?

Whoever you are, you are running out of time.

James is 4 years old. He could be transferred at any time to a different orphanage. An unfamiliar orphanage. Maybe even one which he cannot be adopted out of.

James needs a family… NOW.

Is it because he’s a four year old boy? We have one of those in our house. He is awesome. So smart, funny, helpful. A handful sometimes, but no more than any other kid.

Is it because he is HIV+? Do some research. Life with HIV is likely not what you expect. You can start with these links:
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Isn’t it the cost? The travel to a far away land? It is worth it! If you just can’t afford the cost, there are all kinds of grants and loans that you can apply for. Most families do not have the money to bring their kid home and are uncertain where it will come from. But I’ve never heard of a family being unable to adopt the child they committed to because of the cost. As for the travel, yes, it’s long, hard, a bit overwhelming at times, but you don’t need to be a seasoned traveler or Russian speaker. We are neither and we survived and enjoyed our time in Ukraine a bit.

I am worried about James. If he gets transferred, even to his best option, it will be rough. But if he lives his life without a family, he hardly stands a chance. Someone, please, go scoop up this lovely little boy?

If you want more info about how you can adopt him, if you have questions about the adoption process, etc, please get in touch with me.

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