A Boy and His Dog

Well, I was “ready” for this day, but not expecting it so soon. Someone has fallen in love with the dogs. Head over heels, new best friends.

I would like to say that I had NOTHING to do with this. He just decided that they are totally okay and actually a lot of fun. He has been trying to pull them around by their collars. Cache does not like being bossed around, so he had to go in his crate. But Ilya played with Nina for quite awhile. I am trying to teach Ilya not to hold onto her collar on the steps, because she likes to go quite a bit faster than him!

We had a hard morning, because Aaron went back to work for the day. I was so ready for their naptime after lunch. I needed that time to myself. I had made a dozen trips to the bathroom this morning. They always come in 3s. And not because there are 3 people here. Nope, someone has to always go twice, before and after the other person. Ilya just had a really hard morning without Aaron here in general, too. I think he realized it would all be okay when I set down his lunch in front of him. A turkey sandwich, leftover cheesy potatoes, cherry tomatoes and carrots. For dessert, we had apples. No, please don’t tell my children a plain old apple is not dessert. They think it is a wonderful very special treat. Seriously. I am trying to introduce them to lots of healthy food while they are still open to it. Right now they’ll both try anything.

Edited: Ilya totally regressed with the dogs once Aaron got home from work. It was hard to watch, but the second Aaron walked in the door, Ilya was screaming at Nina again. I think he may be doing it for attention, because I noticed him hanging on to Aaron’s legs and petting Nina behind Aaron. Hmmm…

7 thoughts on “A Boy and His Dog”

  1. Ilya is so adorable! And it´s so good that the children like trying out all food, most children I know are terribly fussy and picky when it comes to food 🙂

  2. Nap time is a blessed time:) So glad to see Ilya coming around with the dogs. It's pretty impossible to not love a Weim! But I'm a little biased.

  3. I love little boys and their dogs!!! My MIL has vizslas, and my son loves to sit on them, pull them around, etc. We can't get one quite yet, but will soon!! It seems like everything is going so well!!! Happy New Year!!!

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