Just a Little Update

We have always taken our dogs out to the park daily, or almost daily. Hot, cold, rain, snow, whatever, we’re there. I am not kidding. You weimaraner owners know what I mean. Weather is no obstacle; your dogs need exercise. So, yesterday, all four of us humans and all two of the four paws went out to the park. At first the kids were scared, but the dogs stay pretty far from us at the park so that they can just run and run. The kids discovered how fun it is to call the dogs back to them. “Niiiiiiiiiina! Caaaaash! Niiiiiina! Niiiiina!” Ilya can tell them apart already, which I need to tell the next person who asks me “how do you tell them apart?” Quite easily, thanks.

Ilya is still scared of them, but he doesn’t want them to go too far either. He would yell in Russian, “Nina, come over here!” Of course, Nina’s Russian is not that good, so she just ignored him. He would also try to follow them. When we got in the car, Aaron turned to Ilya and said “was that fun?” And Ilya said, “Fun! Fun! Dogs fun! Dogs fun!” He is still totally freaked out by them and started crying today when Nina walked into view from the next room. So totally loving them one minute and terrified the next. He really likes them if the baby gate is between himself and the dogs, but for the most part, the dogs ignore him then and won’t come over to him. They really ignore both kids 95% of the time with or without the baby gate, but Ilya feels more secure with it there.

Life is good. Life is hard. We can only expect so much of them and we can also only expect so much of ourselves. It is a tremendous adjustment for them, but it is also an adjustment for us. While it does not compare to theirs, it is still huge. Trying to keep that in mind right now.

I’m tired, so that’s all for now.

5 thoughts on “Just a Little Update”

  1. I was terrified of dogs until I was around 7 years old. I remember hating dogs until that point but now I love them. Seems funny though since dogs are generally very gentle creatures and incredible with children. But Ilya has started using English already! That´s a serously good accomplisment, surely he´ll be talking your ears off in no time 🙂

  2. There are no words adequate to covey how it blesses my heart to see children whose faces I have poured over and prayed over time and time and again…HOME. You are right. It is an adjustment. For everyone! And it is hard. No way around it. But it is worth it.I noticed you are referring to them by their given names. Will you eventually transition them to Scarlett and Reid? (those were the names you'd chosen, right?) or have you changed your minds?I would love to hear more about the children at #33. I'm not certain but I don't think there are any girls even listed at #33 anymore..just the boys! More people ARE opening their hearts and homes to little boys…praise God!I've been away from blogs all month so I am terribly behind, but I have enjoyed reading your last few posts!Blessings,Holly

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