How Things Are Going

We got all of the embassy stuff straightened out yesterday. Fortunately, an extremely nice and proficient woman works in Aaron’s HR department. She got us taken care of. We also had an American helping us at the embassy. He was nice. Even a bit Mr. Rogers like.

The kids are still hard. Scratch that, Lena is still hard. Ilya has his moments… he talks to us in Russian and we don’t understand. He gets upset over food. He can get really wound up. Yes, he just seems like a 3 year old. He can also be so cute. Like finding a piece of string on the floor and telling us it’s a snake or how good he’s gotten at signing “more please”.

Lena on the other hand is really hard. Incredibly hard and frustrating at times. She has thrown two fits in the last hour. The first because I wouldn’t let her play with dirty tissues and the second because she wanted to drink out of the big water bottle or Ilya’s cup instead of her own– they all just had water in them. We also had a fit today because she wanted to go the bathroom at the same time as Ilya. She will repeat behavior that she knows she should not do and will laugh until she has something taken away from her. I am hoping it is just because she’s 3. I talked to my sister tonight and she was encouraging. I haven’t felt in my right mind lately, so it was good to hear how she’d handle the situation. And that her bio kids act the same way. Lena still is not talking much. I am hoping that this because she was with children even younger than her at the orphanage and she needs to catch up. She has picked up some words and will use them without being prompted. She also seems very comfortable signing with us and will sign sometimes when she is upset too. The signs we’re using are all pretty basic… “more” “please” “potty” “drink” “eat” “sleep” “wait” “no” “stop”. They both have more, eat and please down very well and seem to understand the rest, but will rarely sign them to us.

Ilya drinks A LOT. 1-2 cups of water an hour. I am not sure why this is. He has only had two accidents during the day. The first was when we were walking home a few days ago and could not get him to a bathroom. The second was today, he was upset because we were waiting on dinner and Lena was upset. He cannot make it through the night now, but he has accepted this and will let us put diapers on him now. I am not worried about him making it through the night.

I am really ready for bed. I have not been feeling too great for the last couple of days.

Don’t they make it look like everything is just perfect here?

I had a video of Ilya learning to count in English for you, but it won’t process in Flickr, so you’re just going to have to wait another day.

3 thoughts on “How Things Are Going”

  1. The picture is so adorable but Aaron sure has his hands ful 🙂 Lena´s fits will definitely fade with time and become easier, children always test boundaries when they met new adults so I´d guess she was testing you to see what rules you have and how far she can go. One day you´ll be able to laugh over these fits 🙂 Prayin for a good trip home!

  2. That picture is adorable. And I love that you are using sign language with them! It's such a great way to bridge the communication gap. Do you know if a lot of adoptive parents use it? I don't know why, but children learn signs so fast and it must be a great relief for the kids to know they can communicate their basic needs to you.

  3. Molly, I am praying for you to feel better. It's tough parenting when you don't feel well yourself. Don't be too hard on yourself. Everyone is going through tremendous change and this means stress. Basically, you are "storming." You have to storm before you create your new "norm." Once you get home and actually develop routine, everything will be much better.I agree with Anna above, you are going to be tested. Children are pretty good at this! Hang tough, almost home.

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