Last Day Here

Our flight will hopefully be taking off in 5 hours. I cannot wait. Well, actually, I am not looking forward to the whole flying with kids thing, but I cannot wait to be home. About 26 more hours and we will be home. Home the place with all the foods I love, medicines in abundance, a washer and a dryer, a big bed, and of course, my dogs. Well, two of the three. The third is still off having special adventures with Amy, Milo and co.

We made the kids take a nap today. Neither of them wanted to, but Lena has not thrown a single tantrum since. Ilya has actually been worse. So, Lena not throwing a tantrum sounds great, right? Well, I’d really like it if she slept tonight. 9, 10, 11, 12, 1… still waiting.

We also discovered something else which makes Lena happy, quiet and well behaved… videos of babies. I had the idea because she gets so excited when she seems my sister and her baby on Skype. Yesterday, she was being bad, so my sister showed her my nephew and she was just mesmerized. Well, they both loved the videos of babies laughing, but Lena especially can’t get enough. It’s pretty adorable, she just puts her head on her elbows and smiles. We have had no success with any other kinds of videos, so I am glad this works. We need something which they’ll sit calmly for.

Well, I need to go finish packing. I hope that all of our flights will be on time.

This is the video I wanted to show you yesterday, but had some trouble with…

7 thoughts on “Last Day Here”

  1. I hope everything will go well with the flight. It´s strange that Ilya was worse after taking a nap, generaly children are much better after a good nap (and the parents as well ;)). But it´s adorable that Lena loves babies she´ll no doubt go crazy when she sees her cousin face to face. Hopefully you want have to strand in Germany because of the snow. Unfortunetly, Europeans on the mainland aren´t exactly godd at dealing with snow (unlike us North-Europeans)

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