Still Quarantined and Good News

Sasha called us around 11 this morning telling us to be ready to go to the notary in a half hour. So, off we went, downstairs to meet our driver. We seemed to be getting closer to where Olivia’s family is staying. “I wonder if we’re picking them up?” Yes, we were. They needed to go to the notary too.

We went there to make a paper to apply for the kids’ passports. It did not take long. It is so funny… Sasha translates the whole thing for us. Then we sign both papers. Then, they give us the official copies to sign. I am not sure what they do with the official copies, but I swear I saw them rip them up the first time we went to the notary. Like, please sign this. We need you to practice your signature before you sign anything official.

After we were done at the notary, the driver took Olivia’s parents back to get ready for court and Aaron, Sasha and I hung out in the mall, waiting for him to come back. Sat there and talked, asking Sasha all of the questions I have been wanting answered. Very important things. Like what kind of vodka I should get my sister for Christmas.

Then the driver returned and off we went to run another errand, before heading home. Sasha wanted to take care of what she could for us today so that we can get everything possible done on Friday.

Our most exciting thing we did today is to book our tickets home! We’ll be flying in to Kansas City at 6:40pm on Christmas Eve! I cannot wait!

I feel like we have so much to get done before we go. We want to get gifts for some of the people who have been good to us and Ilya and Lena. People at the orphanage, Sasha, our driver, Ilya and Lena’s friends at the orphanage. Exchange some money. Try to find pull-ups. Market tomorrow for boots for the kids.

Before we left, I took all of the money and divided it up into envelopes marked for different things. “Facilitator.” “Visas.” “Passports.” One of my envelopes was marked “Orphanage Donation/Dossier Prep” from the Reece’s Rainbow handbook. Well, the orphanage donation was apparently a part of our facilitator fee and we do not need to give them an additional donation. The cost of our plane tickets was a bit more than expected. I believe because we are flying so close to Christmas. But without that extra fee, it all works out. Yay!

7 thoughts on “Still Quarantined and Good News”

  1. Too bad your kiddos are still sick! 😦 Praying they will be healthy by the time you break them out! Do you think your kids have any idea that they are about to leave the orphanage? Have you been able to prepare them for it at all?

  2. Yay for having to take care of the last little details! It must be exciting to know how close you are to bringing your kiddos home! Something tells me you're going to have a very Merry Christmas this year!

  3. 😦 sorry the kiddo's are sick. We had to deal with that too, 3 day of no visits. :(Oh my gosh, returning home Christmas eve? Thats awesome, you will be home so very soon! I'm tearing up thinking about it. Since we've been there done that, the homecomings are so much more emotional for me. Especially those I really like. 🙂

  4. Wow, what an incredible Christmas gift you´re getting. God has worked out all those details so incredibly. Christmas will most definitely be an extra special celebration in your home from now on 🙂 And I still find it so adorable how much Lena looks like Pippi Longstocking (Pippi Langstrom is the Swedish name). And she seems to have the personality to match.

  5. Hi Molly, since you will be getting home so close to Christmas, do you want people to put up decorations for you so you guys will have something nice to come back to? Also, are there other things you could use done, like stocking the fridge with groceries? Let us know how we can help!

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