We showed up at the orphanage at our regular time. Aaron went upstairs to get Lena, while Olivia’s parents and I waited downstairs for someone to get Ilya and Olivia. Aaron came back down about 10 minutes later and told us that the kids were in quarantine and we could not visit them.

Disappointing, especially for Olivia’s family, who will only be here until tomorrow. And the kids will also be quarantined tomorrow.

We thought since we know had lots of time and a driver who we were already planning on paying for 3 hours, we’d stop at the supermarket and the outdoor market. Well, the outdoor market is closed on Mondays! So, we just stopped at the supermarket and were home by 11. A disappointing day, but I hope that the kids will be feeling better by the time we break them out and I’ll be feeling 100% too!

3 thoughts on “Quarantine”

  1. That does sound like a disappointing day. I'm sure the kids were disappointed too. Hopefully you will all be back to 100% soon and ready for your next big adventure back home.

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