The Weekend

We don’t really do too much on the weekends. Yesterday, we went off to try to buy Ilya and Lena boots. We didn’t bring them shoes, not knowing what size they’d wear. Ukrainians are very particular about how bundled up their children must be in the winter and so, we need to buy them decent winter boots when we break them out of the orphanage.

We went to the children’s shoe store down below us and had some sticker shock. The shoes were American and from other countries… Sketchers, Clarks, Ecco. Nothing below $50 USD. So, we went to another store. The shoes were more like $20-35 there. Not as cute at all and they didn’t have the sizes we needed in the shoes we liked the best. We certainly can buy shoes there, but we wanted to look around some more first. So, we walked around for awhile.

Anyone want to guess where we ate? I don’t even remember the last time I ate at this chain at home, but here we are a bit desperate.


I saw this store after we ate. I think I know what that means!

We found another shoe store. Also about $50 for children’s boots. So, we returned home to a night of watching television on the internet and eating grilled cheese.

Today, we ventured out to get lunch. Off to the pizza place, only to find out that they were closed. But, I had done some internet research and found another place I thought might have English menus. An Irish Pub. Not sure if they’d have anything that I could eat (I don’t eat meat), but they certainly did. It looks like the kind of Irish Pub you’d find in the US. They have a whole several page alcohol menu. But their food menu… um, interesting? Dozens of kinds of sausages, two pages of sushi, and another two pages for sandwiches, ribs, pizza and salads. I thought I’d try another Caesar Salad and Pizza Margarita. Aaron got ribs. The Caesar dressing was not neon green this time. It was a bit watered down, but pretty good. All of the rest of the food was very good. Aaron had the most amazing baked potato. The Golden Lion. For those of you coming to Donetsk, check it out.

That was pretty much our day today. Eat. Do a bit of grocery shop. Now, who knows what?

6 thoughts on “The Weekend”

  1. I am guessing Hardee's from the size of the burgers! 🙂 I can't wait to hear how court goes tomorrow, you will both do great! We'll be sending good thoughts your way!

  2. Good children's boots can be so hard to find for a good price. When you get back home, if you find yourself in need of boots again, let me know. I've figured out all the best places to buy them for the best prices.I'll be thinking about you tomorrow with your court date. Let us know how it goes!

  3. I wish you good luck in court tomorrow. Hopefully you´ll be able to find some nice shoes for the kids. It´s funny that the weather in Ukriane is very similar to the weather here in Scandinavia right now yet most people are only weraing sneakers. I´m one of few people actually weraing boots at the moment.

  4. In addition to hearing all about the insanely adorable Ilya and Lena, I enjoy the small details of the city (where to shop, where to eat, prices, what is worth seeing/doing, about the apartment) Are you taking a cab back/forth to the orphanage? I remember someone mentioned they were able to take busses…

  5. Ask your facilitator or translator if there is a market in the area. We bought everything at the big outdoor market in Nikolaev and we found Alina some boots for $20 USD. We also bought tennis shoes for $10 USD, and two pairs of dress shoes for about $8USD each. They are all italian brand shoes but they are cute adn were reasonable.

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