The celebrating begins!

Reed Ilya and Scarlett Lena will officially join our family. (in ten days that is!)



Court was very quick, easy and totally freezing. Sasha said it was her quickest court trip! They didn’t even ask us why we want to adopted when we are so young. Which we were totally anticipating. No questions about why we want to adopt or why Ukraine or anything. WOW!

Sasha said it is very possible that we will be home for Christmas. She hopes to send us to Kiev for our last 2-3 days on Monday the 20th. We would really like to be home for Christmas.

I have a special request… tomorrow is Aaron’s birthday. He is very happy to be here adopting and excited about being a papa/father/zaza. But, he admitted he’s still a bit homesick for red velvet cupcakes. Will you all wish him a happy birthday, please? He shares his birthday with his sister Rachel, who has been extremely supportive throughout the whole process… please wish her a happy birthday too!

18 thoughts on “WOOOHOOO!”

  1. Congratulations!! Wow this is so incredible, amazing, wonderful and every other joyful word in the dictionary πŸ™‚ You four make a perfect family, absolutely perfect and beautiful! And a very happy birthday to Aaron and his sister Rachel. What a wonderful birthday gift Aaron is getting πŸ™‚

  2. AMAZING!! GOD IS GOOD!! We REJOYCE and CELEBRATE with you!! A new family is born, YOU ALL make a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!Greetings and congratulations from Switzerland

  3. Oh…and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON, the first as an offical PAPA!! You got the BEST GIFTS EVER, such SWEET CHILDREN! GODs Blessings for ALL of you!!!And RACHEL, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, too. Wishing you a very special day, as the new AUNT for these precious children LENA and ILYA!!!

  4. WOOOHOOOO Congrads to you guys! May the 10 wait go fast for you. That would be great to be home just in time for Christmas, best gift. Happy Birthday to Aaron and his sister hope you have a great birthday.

  5. YAYYYYY! I'm so happy for you! This is a very, very good day! Happy birthday to Aaron! What an amazing birthday present you have received this year! Anna

  6. Yeehaw! I'm squeeling with delight! I'm beyond thrilled for you and your new little family! Happy Birthday Aaron (and Rachel)! You're one lucky Dad and will have red velvet cupcakes when you are home in the states.

  7. Happy Birthday Aaron and Rachel! Aaron is getting the best gifts of his life! And congratulations for you passing court! Ilya and Lena were already your children, but now it's official πŸ™‚

  8. Happy birthday, Aaron! I hope it's the best one yet! Thanks Molly for the shout-out, and thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! :)I'm so glad that court was not stressful today, and that they are officially yours!!!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Aaron!!! It will be one of your most unique to be sure. Congratulations to all 4 of you that the court date went so well. Now, you have your little family. I just can't wait to meet those precious kids. Love your short videos and pics. Bob and I were looking through just now. Sending love and prayers, Jenean

  10. Congratulations Molly and Aaron! I'm so excited for you guys!Is Sasha a little blond lady? I think she came to your region for your court from Nikolaev? There is a pic of her on our blog under the 'GOTCHA' post. If its her, tell her HI from us! She's alot of fun!Congratulations again!

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