More news on the vote

We received news that the adoption vote is on the list to be read the week of December 14th. We will probably have court around the 6th of December, and then our 10 day wait will begin. Once that 10 day wait is over, we will be safe and able to take our kids home, no matter what the vote is. If you do the math, depending on when our court date is, the vote will fall right around the end of our 10 day wait. There is also a chance that the 10 day wait could be waived (and we’d be home earlier!).

We want a favorable vote for the orphans in Ukraine. We want Ukraine to continue adoptions, especially special needs and older children adoptions, while they work on a bilateral agreement or ideally, to become a Hague country. We want the families after us to be able to bring their kids home, and of course, we want to bring Reed and Scarlett home.

I am going to see what else I can find out about the immigration card for those of you just a few days or weeks behind us. Other families have completed their adoptions without it, in the past few weeks, but I will ask our facilitator today.

One thought on “More news on the vote”

  1. I am hoping and praying that Ukraine will keep the country open for older and special needs adoption. But it´d really be a good thing for the country if it´d form a bilateral agreement or become a Hague country because that´d imrpove the conditions of adoptions in Ukraine. I´ll be praying for you 🙂

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