The Immigration Card

I had my first worried moment of our trip. I was trying to stay awake while Aaron was napping, so I decided to flip through the Ukraine Handbook from RR. I saw the page about the “Immigration Card” that we needed to fill out at the airport today. And it says how you must hold on to it and give it to them when you leave. Um, we never saw this card. But in the RR handbook and my google search, it sounded important!

I posted about it on the RR yahoo group about it and fortunately, Meredith Cornish got back to me. In September she had to fill one out, but this trip, they told her that she did not. And told her husband, who traveled separately, the same thing.

If you don’t know who Meredith is, you should! She used to be the director of the Ukraine program for RR, but she just recently stepped down from her position with RR, as their in the process of adopting their 7th and 8th children from Ukraine right now.  They have a very interesting story about their daughter Aleksa who they’re in the process of adopting. Go read her blog.

I think we might meet up with them tomorrow. It will be nice to see other Americans! It has been a little bit hard since we got to Frankfurt… we never know what language someone speaks. I’ve already had a few odd language encounters– in German and Russian. And another guy who asked me where I was from, and when I said Kansas, he said “Missouri?”, “Kansas”, “Missouri?” And, we were done.

5 thoughts on “The Immigration Card”

  1. Interesting about the immigration card. We were told how important it was as well and even asked some officials at the airport for one before we left and they said they had none. Our facilitator made it very clear to us that we absolutely MUST have it when we come back to adopt. Is there anything "official" out there that says we don't need it? We were told the notaries in the region will require it when we do official paperwork.

  2. We had to do one in Russia and they took the card at passport control and we held on to the other half until we left. Yes on our 2nd trip I could not find my husbands and I freaked out but then it was hiding in his passport. Funny how these things can getting you all stressed out. Glad to hear you made it with no problems. Can't wait to hear when you see your babies! Until then paka paka

  3. Oh come on Molly, Missouri is close enough. We all know Missouri is better anyway;) You know I'm teasing you and I'm so glad you made it safely. I'll tell my boys that "Josie's kids" will be home soon.

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