9 days

We leave in 9 days. EXCITING. And scary. We are just trying to get things taken care of and our house all clean before we go. And making all of those last minute arrangements. Oh, and trying to enjoy the last few days of this life. You know, the way that our lives have been, because it’s about to change dramatically.

We have a new nephew, Leif! Please welcome him to the world. He is super cute and healthy, as is my sister– especially the cute part. This also means that my niece is still the only girl sandwiched by brothers and I imagine she is even more eager now for a girl cousin.

If you have asked me for a private blog invite up until this moment, you should have one in your inbox. If not, please ask again. I have been checking my Spam filter, but it’s possible I’ve overlooked a few.

6 thoughts on “9 days”

  1. Congratulations on your new nephew 🙂 The name Leif is an interesing choice. It´s the same namse as "Leif the lucky", the viking that discovered Vinland, Labrador and other parts of Canada (there´s a very fascinating story behind that). I´m from the Scandinavian country Leif was from and the name Leif exists here except it´s written Leifur. And when conjugated the name Leif looks the same as the word that means leftovers which allows for some very strange jokes.

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