A Little Ukraine Update

I got this email from Andrea Roberts, Hero of the Year, yesterday. Yes, I am going to keep calling her that since it is a perfect, well deserved title for her…

Hi all, I am sure many of you are waiting to hear *something* from me about this mess in Ukraine. You have probably been hearing the rumors and comments from blogs, as well as the statement on the US State Dept website. The 2nd hearing of this vote could happen any time between this week and next Spring, we just don’t know. 

What I want to assure you is that RR is doing everything possible, and leveraging every influential relationship we can to at least convince the Ukrainians to make an exception for the adoption of children with special needs. The opportunities RR has had, especially through the Angels in Adoption award, have opened doors for our ministry that we never had before. God clearly knew we would need these “friendships”, because they are truly working hard for us now. 

IF they do indeed put a moratorium in place, we are advocating HARD with Congressional Leaders, the US State Dept, the US Embassy in Kiev, and our facilitation teams on the ground in Ukraine…to make sure the voice of these children is heard, and that the parliament there understands the life-altering gravity of their decision to impose a closure, even for a short period of time. Even under the guise of improving the process or moving towards Hague compliance, this would be nothing short of a human rights violation, to prevent the adoption of those children with special needs. 

I have just submitted a list of (70) families currently in various stages of the adoption process in Ukraine, to the US State Dept, members of Congress, and the Embassy in Kiev. We are very hopeful that this list will be proof to the parliament of how many children (and of course many more) whose lives would be severely impacted, if not LOST, if their adoptions are delayed. 

For those of you who are close with paperwork, PLEASE get those dossiers in right away!!! 

At this time, there is still NO information on when this 2nd hearing is on the docket, and no solid information on the language of the bill or how loudly our “ruckus” on this end is being heard in the Ukrainian government. You can trust that we will keep you updated as soon as we have something of credible value to report. Please continue chugging away on your dossiers and plans to adopt, and do not delay! These children are depending on you. I’m doing my part for them….get through your papers as quickly as humanly possible for their sakes! 

2 thoughts on “A Little Ukraine Update”

  1. What an encouraging post! We needed to hear that. We hope to hear tomorrow or Friday of our appointment date to go get Celia, but I suppose it could be next week. Please pass along our THANK YOUS to Andrea Roberts.

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