This post is sponsored by the Aunt Rachel wants Reed and Scarlett home council

My name is Rachel, and Molly has allowed me to take over her blog for a night. Aaron is my twin brother, which makes Molly my sister-in-law and makes me lucky to have such a great family! It has been so exciting to watch their progress over the last six months and to see how close they are to the end! They have told me stories about being supported by people they have known for a long time, people they just met, and complete strangers.
I would like to continue this support by inviting all of you to join me in donating one of your Christmas presents to Scarlett and Reed. You could do this by selecting one person you normally receive a gift from (moms would be great for this!) and ask them to donate how much they would have spent on a present to Scarlett and Reed (through this handy blog) instead of giving you a present this year. By donating your present, you are helping Aaron and Molly bring them home, and I can’t think of a single present that I need more than they need a loving home. Think of the difference we could make if we all donated just one present for these two beautiful children. I know this is not for everyone and that is absolutely okay, but I wanted to invite all of you to join me if you want to. Thanks for listening, and thanks for your help.

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