Superhero? Angel?

This morning, I packed up one of my dogs. We put all of her stuff in the car and drove her over to Kansas City. And handed her off to Amy.

I’ve told you about Amy before… Amy the photographer, fellow dog lover, gigantic-hearted superhero. That’s her.

Yup, she and her family offered to take our Josie while we’re away. She lives down in Texas, but was up in KC and brought Miss Josie back with her.

I think Amy is a superhero. For real. Or an angel. Something like that. We were hoping to find someone would take one of our dogs, so it would be easier to get care for the other two. We had even decided that Josie would be the one to send off. Then, Amy emailed me, and asked specifically if we still needed someone to help with the dogs, and said they could take Josie.

Wow. She and her family are pretty amazing. We’re so grateful to have her in our lives and so grateful for how she has supported us during this adoption!

One thought on “Superhero? Angel?”

  1. Molly you are too kind! You know you made me cry with this post. We are so happy to keep Josie for you. I think you and Aaron are the angels for adopting 2 children. It's not something I can do so the least I can do is make your life a little easier so you can go get those 2 precious babies. And I must confess, I have an ulterior motive. I'm hoping when you come to pick up Josie that you'll have Reed & Scarlett with you so I can see them;)

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