I heard this great line on Grey’s Anatomy… “Don’t wonder why people go crazy. Wonder why they don’t.” I just love that.

I know some people think Aaron and I are crazy for adopting. And, you know what, I think it’s fine to be crazy. Different. Not normal.

I wonder why most people don’t go crazy when they learn about all the beautiful children without families. Children without their basic needs met. Why don’t other people go crazy?

I have this little girl on my heart. She is my burden. She is 5. She will soon be transferred. 50% chance of being transferred to another orphanage which will not allow her to be adopted. She might never have a family.

You see why I am going crazy yet?

So, this is sweet 5 year old, lovely Celia. I would scoop her up in a heartbeat if I could. Not exaggerating. At all.

A much more recent photo, with Reed. Holding hands. You see why my heart is breaking? 

So, who does she belong to? I know there is a family out there for her, even if they don’t know it yet. 
Go crazy. 

5 thoughts on “Celia”

  1. Breaks my heart to… I will pray with you. Keep advocating. Scream about her from the rooftops. Don't let up. Get her grant money increased. Take pictures when you are there. Be her voice of hope. We left so many behind. It DOES break your heart and I don't think they are ever mended…. That is how it should be…

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