I Love Them

My Family is lovely. I blogged before about the great garage sale Aaron’s family had for us. Aaron’s family is lovely too. My in-laws have done A LOT for us. But this post is about my family. Sorry, in-laws.

They blow me away with their generosity. The t-shirt fundraiser. Coffee fundraiser. Donating money. Giving us children’s books. Picking up stuff we needed at Ikea. Offering to make curtains for their room. One sister writing a recommendation letter and the other proof-reading it. My family is awesome.
Then, I get an email from my mom “can you order me some big photos of Reed and Scarlett for our garage sale?” Um, hello? A garage sale?
My mom and my biggest sister* had been planning it for weeks and kept it as a secret to us. Until she needed my help ordering some photos. Even then, I had to pry to find out what was up.
They raised $400 for Reed and Scarlett!
I think my family is pretty amazing. And you know what was extra amazing, their neighbors pitched in, too. Four different neighbors brought over things for them to sell. They didn’t ask their neighbors to donate anything. This morning, they just showed up, boxes in hands, for our fundraiser. Some of these people Aaron and I know and I have been friends with for years. But, one of their neighbors, we’ve never met before.
This really, really blows me away. Lots of people with big hearts live in those two blocks in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
*I can get away with calling her my biggest sister right now, because she is not only the oldest, but she is also 7 MONTHS PREGNANT! Yes, my parents will be going from 4 grandkids to 7 grandkids (new baby + Reed + Scarlett) in the month of November!

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