Garage Sale Feedback

My sister-in-law, Rachel, emailed me a few days ago, to share some of the stories from their garage sale. I wanted to share this with you all. As I mentioned before, they did not price anything for the sale. They had info about our adoption & asked people to donate whatever they felt was right. It sounds like it was a very positive experience…

I have to share a few stories from the garage sale, I was amazed by how caring some people were.  There were a few people that took advantage of the no-price policy, but overall people were so great.  There were several people that just gave us a dollar or two as they were leaving, they didn’t buy anything but they just wanted to donate to the kids.  There were a lot of people that shared stories about people they knew who had adopted or were looking into adoption, and they understood how difficult the process was and what it meant.  One lady bought two books and one small item and gave us 20 dollars and didn’t want any change, one lady had her kids give us each a dollar and then showed them the pictures of Reed and Scarlett and talked to them about where their money was going.  It sounds a little crazy, but it was really an good experience, I felt like I saw a really good side of people this weekend (which I don’t think usually happens at a garage sale!). “

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