New Friends

This weekend was our photo fundraiser. It was perfect. Everyone showed up. We had not met 4 of the 8 families in person before. But they were all SO NICE. New friends! Amy was awesome. Her sister in law and mother helped her as assistants… I hadn’t met either of them before and they were both so kind. I am so excited to see the photos, and I know I am not the only one… no pressure, Amy!

We raised around $500 from the sessions, and I think maybe another $100 in extra donations for having bottled water and some baked goods. Pretty awesome!

On Saturday, we also got something special in the mail… awhile ago, Becky and I agreed to a trade… t-shirts for dolls. Oh my goodness, these dolls are so cute!!! The proceeds from the dolls go to Becky’s adoption of Alina. She will make the doll to look like your little boy or girl…

4 thoughts on “New Friends”

  1. Yes, the fundraiser was awesome and I had such a good time photographing all of the families. I just got back home in Texas and will be working on editing the pictures tonight and over the next few days. Let me just say that I had such lovely people to photograph so they all turned out wonderfully:)

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