Someone smack me over the head for complaining, please.

Today we had our last homestudy meeting! YAY!

Today, a stranger donated to our adoption fund.

Today, another stranger bought two t-shirts to support bringing our kids home. And offered to send them books!

But, really, who am I to call these awesome people strangers? Erika and Ilya, orphans in a far away country, have a FAMILY waiting for them here in the United States. A family which I’m learning is much more than me and Aaron, extends beyond our literal families, into a family of people who have a heart for orphans and want to see Erika and Ilya home. How incredible!

Also, if you have not heard about the Shupp family, please check out their blog. They have had an unusual surprise come up in the last few days before leaving for their child’s country and now need to raise $3000 more. Lyndi is not only a sweetheart, but she also volunteers for RR and helps people like us bring our kids home, by checking our paperwork and answering our questions. Please pray for them and donate, if you are able.

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