Summer Nights

Yesterday was the first day of spring, but we’ve already had days and evenings that feel like summer. Especially combining warm temperatures and the kids’ spring break.

Aaron and I have been trying to appreciate these warm nights by going for a walk after dinner. He and I walk, Reed and Lena ride bikes and Gus goes in the stroller.

It is the very best, warm enough to be out as the sun is setting, but without any of the bugs.

Her wardrobe has not switched completely from winter to spring/summer yet. Winter boots + shorts and t-shirt.

Reed and Lena are getting used to be on bikes again. One night Reed said “my bike is slow tonight!” Aaron and I laughed, but we did discover that he had it in the lowest gear, so there was some truth to his statement.

This little guy isn’t too sure how he feels about the stroller, but it’s already fallen asleep in it once.


And when we’re out late enough, we all enjoy the starry sky. We’ve spotted the Big Dipper, the Pleaides, and Orion’s belt.



We’re eagerly anticipating the real summer. :)


Aaron was recently out of town. Ugh. I was ready to lose my sanity towards the end of it and my coworkers had caught on to this.

Then, one day I noticed a large box on my porch. I went out to find it was from my boss, full of DVDs and activity books for the kids. Her girls had outgrown them and now I could make it through dinner preparations, thanks to her generosity and Gus’s friend Elmo. It was such a fun surprise.

A few days later, another friend who also happens to be a coworker asked if she could stop by for a bit. She had something for the kids. My house was a big disaster, but I hesitantly said “yes”. And, my friend came over and hung out, playing with the kids, chatting with me, reminding us that we all in fact liked each other.

And, after she left, the kids peeked in their bags to find…


I had no idea that they liked bubbles so much!

This was the first time we’ve played with bubbles this Spring, and Gus was quickly obsessed.





Gus actually enjoyed them so much that the next day, we went to Target at 8am to buy a no-spill bubble container and a huge thing of bubbles.



He has spent hours and hours playing with bubbles. I was able to get some stuff done (which is a story for another blog post) and he was thrilled. I’m thankful for friends who help the kids stay busy when I’m a bit worn out!

Trampoline Soccer

The trampoline, or “jumpaline” as Gus calls it, is still very popular around here. The kids play on it every day. One game Reed and Lena have made up is trampoline soccer with a beachball.










I’m not sure there’s any real “goal”, but I’m pretty sure I’m winning with tired kids each night!


Winter feels over here. Our weather has warmed up dramatically and our forecast is looking pretty great.

I gladly welcome it, trading chilly, dark days for warm, bright ones. I even feel a bit of sun burn on my face. The mornings are still a bit rough, waking up in darkness, but the evenings, putting the kids to bed at twilight, is lovely. I can have the window open and just enjoy it.

These photos were taken two and a half weeks ago. It seems like forever ago now. It’s been a long two weeks, and I’m glad to be on this side of it.


This winter has been a season of reflection for me.

And, I’m glad it’s over. I’m glad the ice has melted and we can be sloshing into spring instead. Winter may have been full of reflection, but I expect spring to be messy. That’s okay.

This night, when we went out to watch the sunset at this frozen lake, there was the craziest sound. Eery, almost. Gus was really into Planet Earth’s oceans, or as he called it “sharks and whales”. He was certain the sound was whales. And Reed and Lena agreed, whales. Since whales haven’t been in our part of the country for quite awhile, I’m going to agree with Aaron that it was the ice.



Goodbye, winter.

Big Sister

He needs help crossing from hay bale to hay bale.

He offers her nothing in return, not a smile, or a thank you.

He gets all in her face.

But, she still does it every time.

The things I must learn from this girl.

Sunset Stories

I took all of these photos on the same evening, when we went out to see the watch the sunset, but for the most part, they each have their own little story behind them. Ordinary moments in our every day life that I love.

Running and rolling (she’s not falling) towards the sunset.

These two. Doesn’t it look like they are having a heart-to-heart?

They were actually just getting ready to roll down the hill together.

Of our 3 dogs, Cache (pronounced Cash) is Aaron’s dog. If Aaron calls him, he will be right there, looking eagerly at Aaron.

Towards the bottom, little brother sat on big brother and big brother encouraged it. I’ve watched Reed grow in so much patience towards Gus and it really makes me melt.

I love him. This photo was taken about 8 years to the day that he first said “hi” to me. Although we hadn’t spoken, he had friended me on Facebook and then walked by me and said “hi, Facebook friend” with that same teasing smile.

And, there’s also incredible about seeing that guy you fell for become a patient father who puts on shoes after they’ve “fallen” off again.

I asked Reed to take a picture of me and Aaron. Just after I shooed a dog off (see the right side), Gus insisted on sitting on my lap. And just as Reed got ready to take the picture?


Just little memories. :)

Christmas Lights!

I’ve decided that I need to simplify blogging a bit and one idea I have is to share a single photo and the story behind it.

Our town lights the main downtown street up with gorgeous Christmas lights from Thanksgiving until after Valentine’s Day. This year, every time we were remotely in that area, Gus would ask us to drive down the street and see the lights. He always knew when we were in area… “I want to see a Christmas lights!! I wanna see a Christmas lights!”



We always caved, because who doesn’t love the one of Christmas lights, especially through the eyes of a 3 year old.