More MudLOVE Bracelets

Do you follow me on Facebook? Well, if you do, this is old news, but if you don’t, you should. :)

I got our MudLOVE bracelets in earlier this week– super exciting! I am done with pre-orders, but I have a ton of bracelets in stock, ready to ship. Again, the proceeds from these bracelets go to Luda’s hosting fees and if that gets fully funded, additional proceeds will go towards other hosting expenses, such as her/my airfare within the US, any dental costs which we cannot get donated, etc.

These photos are a small representation of what bracelets I have to sell. I have all of these words and a few different color bands for most of them.



I believe that all words and animals I have are pictured EXCEPT “justice”, “carpe diem” and “dance”, which I forgot to include. I only have one left of “dance”.

This is just a closer-up photo of the bracelets in the first photo.

This is a little gift idea I threw together quick, partly because I’m obsessed with cookie butter right now. In the spring, this is similar to what I did for teacher gifts. I did a MudLOVE bracelet (carpe diem) + a jar of homemade jelly from a friend + a Target giftcard tucked under the band.


I think “inspire” or “loved” or “carpe diem” would be a cute addition to a teacher gift. Or a dinosaur would be adorable for a teacher who teaches about dinosaurs. :)

These bracelets are $12 for one “word” bracelet OR $14 for one “animal” bracelet” or $10 per word/$12 per animal when ordering more than one bracelet or ordering bracelets with a t-shirt. The price includes shipping within the US and I’m happy to ship to Canada for a few extra dollars.

Please contact me if you are interested in ordering. These bracelets are selling quickly, so it’s too difficult for me to maintain a post with the design and color combinations that I have available, but I’m happy to talk with you about it via email( or Facebook message.

I Not Tired

Hopefully, you’ve all seen is the I Not Grumpy video. If not, you should, because it’s quite cute and worth a few seconds of your time. :)

We also recently had an “I Not Tired” moment. Gus was sitting at the table, waiting for lunch, and was doing that thing usually seen among college students. Nodding off with this head slowly falling down, then snapping himself awake at just the last second.

But, if you asked him, his reply was “I not tired!”

Even once he had his food, he was still snoozing.



Fortunately, he did wake up enough to eat his salad, but as soon as he was done, he announced “I need a nap.”


One thing that always tugs at my heart is my kids reading to each other.

Books are awesome, siblings cuddling are awesome, so siblings cuddling around a book = perfection.

I love these little feet, too.

I also love how into her storytelling she gets. I believe there was some monkey causing some trouble.

Love them.

The Big Haircut Reveal

In my last post, I shared the haircut photos, and now, the big reveal!

“Where did my hair go?!”

Just classic Reed, getting as close as he can.

And, the little brother…

In the photo on the left, I said “say cheese!” and he replied, “stinky cheese!” and held his nose.

And now, just one of the sister. No haircut for her, but I love this photo.

Haircut Time!

Haircuts were overdue. Both boys had hair in their eyes. I’m not sure if Aaron or Reed initiated the hair cuts, but it needed to happen.

Getting ready…I’m pretty sure that Reed could rock a Justin Bieber hairstyle if he wanted to.

This is the boys’ first hair cut at home in almost a year. We only cut their hair about twice a year(lazy?) and my sister cut it this summer.

He seems to enjoy this, but keeps asking for us to shave it all off.

Then, it was this little guy’s turn. He was pretty excited, too, although I always hate to see his curls go.

Around this point, Reed said, “he looks like Abraham Lincoln!!”


Lena watched. I asked if she wanted a hair cut and she told me that she likes her hair how it is. I’m totally fine with that, as long as we don’t have a repeat of one of the other times she cut her own hair.

It was after dark when Aaron was cutting their hair, but perhaps I’ll have to take some photos in daylight and show you how they’re both looking now!

Saturday Selfies

Gus and I are a pair. Even though he now spends 12 hours a week at school, we still spend an awful lot of time together.

As much as I get worn out by his energy and need for attention, I have so much fun with him. He’s just a silly kid, always making us laugh.

We took some selfies together awhile back. I have no makeup on and I look totally ridiculous, but I love them anyways.
…not staying still for his picture!

One day I told him, “I love you, Gus”. And he replied, “I like you.”

The most “normal” one. Even though I closed one eye?

I love his smile in this one. Not sure what was going through MY mind at this point.

There’s also a bunch of totally ridiculous ones with funny faces, but I’ll spare you those!

I try to remember that this stage of life won’t last forever. In the next couple of years, he’ll go to school and he’ll slowly start becoming his own person, who doesn’t depend on me for entertainment and comfort and meeting needs. But, right now, I’m going to try to just enjoy him and keep being silly together.



Dishwashing Ninja

You all know that Reed was a ninja for Halloween. But, did you know that ninjas unload the dishwasher?

It’s true!

This ninja loves to help, despite this overwhelmed look on his face. Well, he does find the silverware basket a bit overwhelming, lots of things go different places.

But, he can handle it. With no help from that silly dog there.


And, done.

Any other dishwashers out there that this young ninja can take care of for you?