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5 Things

1. Today is Orphan Sunday! I hope that your church is doing something for Orphan Sunday. Our church started a program with the youth today, and I could not be more excited about it.

2. Please pray for what is going on in the country-which-must-not-be-named. I will share it on my private blog and I think many of you already know. But, please pray that this will not effect us or the families behind us in the adoption process.

3. And please pray for my sister and new baby! I am waiting to get the call about my new niece or nephew. Super excited.

4. If you want to read our private blog and haven’t yet requested an invite, please let me know. We can invite up to 100 people and we have about 40 slots filled.

5. Do you read Julia Nalle’s blog? If not, GO READ IT. NOW. I wanted to share her latest post, “The Sad Reality” with you, but I think you should really read her whole blog, Micah Six Eight. Julia is gifted with words and her husband is hilarious. I recommend the whole thing, but especially her most recent post and the one from right after court. And it is very likely that you will cry. Warning you now.

First Post!

Welcome to our private blog!

This will be a bit easier for me, because I can blog openly about where we’re going and our experiences while we’re in Ukraine. Ukraine, yes, that’s where we’re adopting from, in case you hadn’t figured that out yet.

Ukraine is in Eastern Europe. It is an independent country, not a part of Russia. It does border Russia and culturally they are similar. Ukraine is also just Ukraine, not “The” Ukraine. “The” still seems to be lingering from when Ukraine was a part of the USSR.

We’ll be arriving in Ukraine on November 21 and we will have our appointment with the State Department of Adoption in Kiev on November 22. This is when we learn what they know about the children we hope to adopt and hopefully get their referrals. 
Once we have those referrals in hand, we travel to our children’s region. Our children’s orphanage is in far Eastern Ukraine… their region borders Russia. 
We chose Ukraine because it is a relatively easy and fast program. There are countries which take years to adopt from… I’ve heard of couples waiting and waiting years for a referral and travel date, and then the country’s adoption program shuts down. Our appointment date in Ukraine is less than 7 months from the date that we committed– very short. 
So, there’s a bit about where we’re headed… questions?