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Obviously, I’ve been taking some time away from blogging (and most other internet communication– if I haven’t emailed you back!). No news.

I can pretend everything is okay here, and I’m just trusting God in this situation. And enjoying life in the mean time. That’s what I’d really LIKE to be doing. But, that’s not where my heart is.

We had trouble getting our first set of paperwork done back in October. Just silly little mistakes, but I thought we might not get the paperwork off as quickly as I felt we needed to. Silly little mistakes like a notary not stamping a page is a HUGE deal, when your husband works all day long an hour away and you need to get this apostilled that day.

Fortunately, it worked out. As I drove away from the notary’s office, headed to Topeka to get everything apostilled, I heard this song on the radio. It spoke to me then. To the point that I can tell you I was turning left onto 6th street in front of Walmart when I first heard it.

Earlier this week, someone shared it on Facebook, and it speaks to me right now.