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Meet “L”

I said that we wouldn’t be hosting this summer. I should probably never speak with any certainty.

We were originally hosting with New Horizons for Children. All of our fundraising went directly to them. I have only the best things to say about them. I would highly recommend them.

But, when our host kiddo was no longer available, there were really no other children still available and listed with New Horizons who fit our criteria. We had decided to host pretty late in the game.

In my tight-knit adoption group, I mentioned how I wished we could host one of the children available with a different organization, but all of the money we had raised was with New Horizons.

“Why don’t you ask if they’ll transfer the money?”


So, I fired off the email, just to ask, even mentioning that I knew it was a “long shot”.

Meanwhile, I drafted another hesitant email to my contact person with Project One Forty Three, “can you tell me more about this girl ‘L’?”

I heard back about L first. I was led to two different people who had met her. In less than 24 hours, I learned more about her than I had known about any of my kids before I met them. Birthdate, region she’s from, her orphanage, what she likes to do, her approximate clothing size and more.

She sounded like a sweet girl and like she might fit in here.

It took several more emails, but New Horizons agreed to transfer the money!

We said, “YES!”

So, meet L.

Here she is making a Ukrainian soup for her winter hosting family.

We’re super excited. She’ll be with us for just over 10 weeks this summer!

So, because L had a grant AND we had already done quite a bit of fundraising, her actual hosting fees to the agency are covered.

However, she will be flying into JFK, which works out well with our summer plans to visit family, but it means that she’ll also be flying out of JFK at the end of her trip. So, we’re going to keep on selling more Moose Prints to pay for plane tickets for one of us to fly her back to JFK at the end of her stay.

Are you ready to help?

I’ve added many sets of notecards to the Moose Prints store. They’re all ready to ship as soon as they’re purchased. Selling those out will get us pretty far along with paying for that plane ticket. Purchasing prints will help, too and I have a few ready to ship prints as well.

I have 3 copies of “Pink!” in the 8×10.


And I have 2 copies of the Blood Moon Timelapse in 8×12.

Blood Moon Timelapse.
Blood Moon Timelapse.

I’m also happy to order what I don’t already have ready to ship. You can find the notecards and rest of the prints on the Moose Prints page.

And you can order by filling out the form and using the Paypal link here.

Ready, set, order! Thank you!