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Labor Day Weekend Fun

We made a quick trip to Colorado for Labor Day weekend, to enjoy the outdoors and for some camping. We did a ton, but here are some of the highlights.

First hike of the trip, with perfect morning mountain weather. 

We checked out this big castle. Bishop Castle.

Can you find Reed and Lena?

The castle has some amazing details. This is the third floor, as you can see the huge arch windows in the photos above.

Later on Saturday, we checked out Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Just a tip, wear closed toe shoes and don’t go mid-day. This sand is hot. Don’t repeat our mistakes!

On our way to our campsite, we saw this beautiful double rainbow.

After dinner walks. With a girl who dances to the beat of her own drum and a boy who likes being up high.
_MG_8567 _MG_8571

The big kids and I stayed up after dark and had some fun with long exposure photos.
_MG_8584 _MG_8604

Unfortunately, it was a cloudly night, so we didn’t get to enjoy the stars too much.

Here’s my one road trip tip: Building forts in the car. It worked brilliantly, and bought us some quiet time.

Amazing views.

Nest stop: Treasure Falls.
_MG_8638 IMG_8646
Only Lena and Aaron made it all the way to the upper deck. The boys were a bit too tired to keep hiking up at that point.

Family photo, sitting at the top of a gorge. Making me nervous.


It was pouring rain when we got back to our campsite that night, so we had to cancel our plans for hot dogs and smores over the fire. But apparently, my kids are okay with hotdogs for breakfast.

Can’t wait for our next trip.

Our Colorado Weekend

Reed had a 3 day weekend, so Aaron took a day off and we snuck off for a quick trip to Colorado.

We spent Friday in Denver.


We went to Dinosaur Ridge, where you can see some fossilized footprints.


Saturday, our friends took us to their favorite places. We didn’t really “know” these friends before this trip. Our family’s adoption stories are woven together and we have a mutual friend. After countless emails over the last year, it was great to finally get to know them in person.



The kids had so much fun together. The oldest 2 are just a few weeks apart and they really seemed to enjoy each other’s company.


Yesterday, we headed up to Pikes Peak before we went home. You can drive all the way to the top on a slightly intimidating road.


It was the perfect day. Even at the summit, it was in the high 30s. It turned out to be a bit of an adventure. Someone in our family did NOT enjoy the high altitude or the temperature.