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How old is Erika?
I’m sorry that I forgot to post that! She is two- her birthday is December 8th, the day after Aaron (and of course Rachel’s!).

How long ’til you have them home?
First, there are no guarantees. We can’t be sure that we will bring them home! Although we have talked to a home study provider and done other researcher that points to us being able to complete the adoption. But, anyways, on average, an adoption in their country takes 7 months. I’ve also heard anywhere from 6mo to 15mo!

How can I help?
We have had so many people ask us this, and we are so grateful to have such fantastic family members, friends and even acquaintances. Honestly, I have been amazed by how supportive everyone is! If you are in Kansas and have clothing, toys, whatever for kids about their ages and are willing to part with them, that would be great. The less we have to buy, the better.

I recently added the place on the right where you can help fund our adoption… and we would be so grateful for financial support. Adoption is super expensive. BUT, I also know that there are causes a lot greater than ours, organizations where your $ will reach more people… and there is no guarantee that we will be able to bring them home.  If you feel called to give to us, can spare the money, would like to donate to our adoption instead of giving us a Christmas or birthday present, please do… that would be great. If you would like to support another organization that supports adopt, check out Reece’s Rainbow. You can also donate to us through them(let me know if you need the details on how to do that), and if our adoption does not go through, any money donated to “us” through them will still stay in Erika and Quinn’s fund to find another family… if you decide to do that, when you donate, please either use our names or Erika and Quinn’s, as well, as there is currently another family with the same name currently working with them.

Also, please share our blog and pray for us!

The end
Please let me know if you have any other questions. I’ll do my best to answer them.

More photos

I mentioned in my post yesterday that we do have more photos of both Erika and Quinn. I found an older photo of each of them from before the missionary visited their orphanage. I also found several photos of each of them on another website.

Little Quinn. He looks like a child of the 80s here… I think it is the shirt.

Little Erika. I love this photo. I think that she looks so much more like a baby here… even though she’s clearly a toddler… gotta love that belly.

I think, in all, I have about 10 photos of Erika and 15 photos of Quinn. A missionary sent me a bunch of photos of Quinn and some photos of their orphanage… if you request, I will email you photos… otherwise, I will just slowly share them with you here.

Erika & Quinn

We have OFFICIALLY committed to adopting two children from Eastern Europe. I was going to write some long story about how we chose them, but I decided to skip the monologue and get to the cuteness… sound good?

As you may know, we were looking for children between 2 and 5. We were thinking that if we were going to adopt two children, we wanted them to be a couple years apart in age and preferably a boy and a girl. And… (I feel like we need a drumroll)

We committed to adopting Quinn…

There is something about that big smile that drew me in! Quinn is almost four (in five days). There was a missionary in his orphanage in March, and she wrote: This guy likes to be the center of attention. He is full of fun, smiles and laughter. He is very energetic and he seems to be needing a lot more attention than he’s getting. He is very playful and laughs easily. Really cute kid. He would have been quite happy to crawl all over me and cling to me the entire time.”

As if he isn’t cute enough, we also committed to adopting Erika…

How adorable is she? From the same missionary, “She is a quiet, pretty girl. She likes playing outdoors. She was very curious about us. She seems very sweet.”

I have a few more pictures of them… I will have to post them at some point, or you send me an email and I will send them to you!

Links about Adoption

This is a really great video about orphans in Ukraine:

One of the first times that we realized the realities for children in Ukrainian orphanges was when I read this post:

One of our favorite websites for understanding the basics:

This is definitely a Christian video, so not everyone may find it so compelling, but if you do watch it turn on the sound:

This is the short list. I will add some more links later so you can learn about the particular children that we are hoping to bring home!

The "Whys", Part 1

Why adoption?
Naturally, this is the question that comes first, but I am not sure that I can answer it so briefly! Aaron and I have learned about the sad, heart-breaking lives of children in orphanages and we knew that we needed to do something. We had always considered adoption for something that we’d do down the road, but realized that we just could not wait. There was no reason great enough to wait. Sure, I can think of a million reasons why this is not the perfect time in our lives, but one of these reason are worth the life of a child. You probably think that sounds melodramatic, but with the realities of institutionalization and even if a child survives that institutionalization, the realities of suicide or a life of crime or prostitution once that child “graduates” from the orphanage system, really, that is not too far off. I’d love to share more resources with you, things that “softened” our hearts. I am working on complying a list of those.

Why not a domestic adoption?
I don’t want to answer this for Aaron, but I know that I don’t feel like a domestic adoption is “for” us. The foster care system in the US has plenty of flaws, sure, but one of the worst things for a child is institutionalization. Living in an orphanage. Of course, we don’t have orphanages in the US anymore.

Also, this might sound a bit batty, but Eastern Europe just feels right to us. My husband asked me where when we were first talking about adoption. I said that I thought Eastern Europe sounded like a good program for us. He told me not to think that he was crazy, but he had been thinking about EE too (he was not aware of the advantages of certain countries over others!). There are other reasons why we chose EE, which I will be sharing later.

Why us?
This is NOT an easy question to answer. We are not wealthy. We don’t have children. We are YOUNG and newly married. We don’t have resources. I only personally know a handful of people who have been adopted or who have adopted (although I know plenty more online!). Aaron could not think of a SINGLE person he knows who is adopted or has adopted.

I know that I am still wonder “why us”, but we know that is right for us. A few months ago, I started reading the blog of a girl named Katie. I think Katie is younger than I am… I think that she is only 20!, but Katie, an American, moved to Uganda and is raising SIXTEEN? little girls and she and her daughters care for many, many more, I want to say thousands of children. Katie’s story truly touched me. Katie is living her life radically for others, for God.

When I first read Katie’s story, I donated some money and walked away. Sure, I still thought about her, how amazingly strong, faithful and loving she was. And I’ve kept reading her blog since. But, when we first started talking about adoption, I thought about Katie. How can I say that I am TOO young, TOO poor, TOO whatever?

I know I can’t try to be Katie, but when we first started talking about adoption, I kept thinking about her. Katie’s story was on my mind when we were thinking about adoption, and it just reminded me to keep my mind open and not write ourselves off so quickly as “not enough”.

I am sorry that this so SO long!