Erika & Quinn

We have OFFICIALLY committed to adopting two children from Eastern Europe. I was going to write some long story about how we chose them, but I decided to skip the monologue and get to the cuteness… sound good?

As you may know, we were looking for children between 2 and 5. We were thinking that if we were going to adopt two children, we wanted them to be a couple years apart in age and preferably a boy and a girl. And… (I feel like we need a drumroll)

We committed to adopting Quinn…

There is something about that big smile that drew me in! Quinn is almost four (in five days). There was a missionary in his orphanage in March, and she wrote: This guy likes to be the center of attention. He is full of fun, smiles and laughter. He is very energetic and he seems to be needing a lot more attention than he’s getting. He is very playful and laughs easily. Really cute kid. He would have been quite happy to crawl all over me and cling to me the entire time.”

As if he isn’t cute enough, we also committed to adopting Erika…

How adorable is she? From the same missionary, “She is a quiet, pretty girl. She likes playing outdoors. She was very curious about us. She seems very sweet.”

I have a few more pictures of them… I will have to post them at some point, or you send me an email and I will send them to you!

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