Summer, Summer

We officially have a new house. Aaron and the dogs are all moved in and the kids and I will be back in a few days to join them. Can’t wait.

At the end of June, we pretty much packed up our whole house with the help of my mom. We filled up this portable storage container with our stuff.

Then, my mom, the kids and I headed off the East Coast, like we usually do the month of July. We watched our house disappear in the rearview mirror.


So, on the East Coast… this month has been busy.  The bubble machine was a big hit.

Reed mastered the pogo stick in an afternoon.


Gus isn’t too interested in riding a bike, despite my attempts to interest him in a balance bike. He enjoys bringing me surprises, including this piece of corn he stored in his pocket.


Catching fireflies is a summer must.

The kids get to go to the pool every day with my mom while I work. They had two weeks of swimming lessons before we came out here and they just finished up two weeks more. I haven’t been to the pool with them recently, but I’ve heard that they made great progress.

Gus got two barbies to take to the pool with him, after playing with a little girl’s barbies every day. I drew tattoos on them as a way of marking them as his.

Gus has also progressed on getting his shoes on the right feet. But not before I took this photo.

The other thing standard about summer is spending time with my sister’s kids, their cousins. I joked to my mom recently that these 11 kids together seems like a gang, but they love being together.

Lyuda loves this little guy in particular.

I’ll share a few more posts soon with some photos and what we’ve been up to this summer, with an update on how Lyuda is doing!

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