Hosting: Real Talk

We’re almost 2 weeks into hosting… and how are things going?


Before I answer that, did I tell you that when we first met N, just after she’d arrived, I asked her how she was, and she said “нормальна”. “Normal!” You just stepped off an airplane in a foreign country, you’re hugging a complete stranger who you’ll be staying with for the next 10 weeks… and you’re normal? Of course.

Things are very high energy around here, but they are fairly normal.

Summer means a lot more energy in our house with Reed and Lena home. N adds even more energy and things can be a bit crazy around here. Kids bouncing off walls.

Probably the biggest challenge is that I’m in high demand. N is very clingy with me, and this has pushed my other kids to be as well. During their waking hours, I almost always have someone near me or touching me.

I am an introvert, so this wears on me fairly quickly. I can only take so much time with children wrapped around my limbs before I need a quiet moment to myself. I’ve found myself pretty worn out most days!  Physically and emotionally. It reminds me of the days when each of my kids were newly home. N joked that I love the toilet… ummm, because that door locks!


N is a character, and everything is new and exciting to her. She is even amused that the toilet flushes! To which I joked that she’s the one who loves the toilet!

One of our biggest challenges with Big L last summer was keeping her busy. That’s a challenge again this summer. For quiet activities, rainbow loom bracelets are a hit and games on computer or phone are as well. I have a ton of language games for her for this reason. But, apart from these activities, N has a short attention span and spends a lot of time running from one thing to another. N also loves anything active– swimming, bike riding, etc.



That’s the scoop on how things are going here. Questions about hosting? I always love to answer them!

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