Bison and Puddles

I guess we’ve kind of fallen in love with Tallgrass National Prairie. Even though it’s a bit of a drive, we seem to end up there a couple of times a year. We were just there in late November, when we stumbled upon their Christmas activities.

When my mom visited us this spring, we decided to take her, hoping to see the bison, or at least get a nice hike in.

This photo is very similar to one that I took back in November. It might be a Tallgrass tradition for me now.

How cute are they together?

Reality? Gus spent a good amount of time fighting to get down and/or whining about how he didn’t want to walk.

We did, eventually, make it up close enough to see the bison.

Here’s a double exposure of my mom. As Gus would say, “Because, why not?”


However, Gus wasn’t there to say that, because he was getting his feet REALLY dirty.

In a moment of great parenting and photographer-ing, I liked the reflection on this puddle. I positioned my kid in front of it, thinking it would be a cool shot of him jumping in the air, reflection in the puddle.

However, he thought I meant jump IN the puddle.

Fortunately, he’s a good sport, AND it was a warm day.

Local friends, if you haven’t made the drive to Tallgrass Prairie yet, do it! And, text me for our favorite BBQ place where you can spot for dinner after your hike, too.

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